New Eyes for the old Warhorse


The Royal Thai Army appears to be pursuing a three track approach to modernising its Main Battle Tank (MBT) forces, with purchasing two new MBTs, and upgrading legacy platforms.

In addition to the orders that it has already placed for the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau T-84 Oplot MBTs from Ukraine and Norinco VT-4 MBTs from the People’s Republic of China; the force has begun to evaluate upgrades to their Chrysler M-60A3 MBTs of which they have 125, alongside a further 53 M-60A1 examples.

Reportedly Elbit Systems demonstrated that it can outfit the Thai M-60A3 MBTs with new thermal imaging sights and improved fire controls. Photos released by Elbit show the commander and gunner with updated flat panel displays replacing the previous sight optics. These would provide significantly enhanced target acquisition and engagement capabilities not only at night but in smoke, bad weather and reduced visibility conditions.

Upgrade M-60A3
Elbit Systems to Upgrade M-60A3.

No details have been released regarding when Elbit may commence the upgrade, and when this work will be completed.